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Mechanics’ Liens in Minnesota – Don’t lose your right to be paid


Mechanics’ Liens under Minnesota Law

I have recently added an Article on my web site (www.BrianRudeLaw.com) discussing Mechanics’ Liens under Minnesota law.  I discuss how for those involved in construction, having a Mechanic’s Lien often is the difference in whether you get paid or not, and normally gives you an advantage over unsecured creditors.  I go over the main advantages of having a Mechanic’s Lien, being:

a)         You have a secured interest in the real estate being improved;

b)         You get statutory interest on past-due payments; and

c)         You can collect court costs and litigation expenses – plus you have a significant chance of recouping the attorney’s fees for pursuing the lien.

The Article also sets out the Actions You Must Take to Have a Mechanic’s Lien, including Pre-Lien Notice Requirements for both General Contractors and Subcontractors or Material Suppliers.  Discusses the Mechanic’s Lien Statement and the need to foreclose the lien and sets out the relevant time limits that must be followed.

The Article also includes various insights on how to manage lien rights.

Mechanics’ Liens are very technical in nature, and I have helped numerous clients secure those rights to their advantage.  I encourage you to check out my Article at www.BrianRudeLaw.com/Articles or call me to further discuss any questions or issues you may have involving Mechanics’ Liens or Construction Law.

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